Rules & Regulations


1 The age of admissions is 60 years and above. Age of proof may be asked for, if found necessary. The decision of the Committee shall be final and binding and no reasons may be attributed for refusal.
2 The time for stay in the Home will be as stated by the applicant in the application form, unless earlier terminate by the trust.
3 All persons will produce recent Medical Statement (As per attached form). The Committee will decide upon the admission on the basis of the physical and mental condition of the applicant at the time of interview. Re-medical check up at our own medical Center will be asked for, as and when found necessary.
4 No one is allowed to:

  • to bring in and/or consume liquor and intoxicating drinks.
  • to smoke.
  • to do gambling or betting.
  • to bring in and/or eat non-vegetarian food within the premises.
  • to assign personal work of any nature to the staff members.
5 Meals and breakfast will not be served in rooms. Every member will have to go to the dinning room. No special meals will be served except on medical grounds. Meals will be strictly vegetarian.
6 The persons residing may not bring valuable/precious articles with them. If they bring such articles this shall be at the owner’s risk.
7 No one shall take any article/ any item from kitchen, Dinning hall, Stores or Office to his/her room at any time.
  1. All residents will strive to live in cordial atmosphere of a joint family be of mutual help to each other.
  2. A resident shall keep the flat or room as well as surrounding area neat and clean and shall maintain it in good and proper order.
  3. All resident will observe good personal habits like, regular baths, wearing clean and proper cloths etc.
9 In case of sickness, illness or emergency, the management may admit resident to Hospital/ Private Clinic at the risk and cost of such resident. /at the time of admission, full name, address and telephone numbers and consent letter (as per attached format) from the persons/ persons who will take responsibility of the residents in the event of major illness, hospitalization (including surgery) or even death, is to be furnished. The management will inform the concerned persons on record of the situation and thereafter they will look after and take care of the residents. The payments for appropriate services will have to be borne by and made directly by the residents. The Anand Vruddhashram does not have facility for domiciliary treatment in case of illness. Any expenses incurred for removing the inmates to Hospital for treatment and all medical expenses shall be payable by the resident.
10 On the death of the resident, his/her close relatives will be informed about the death by telephone and if the concerned relatives of the deceased resident do not reach within 8-10 hours of his/her death, the management shall take appropriate action for the last rites of the dead body.
  1. The amount of monthly charges and deposits payable by resident will be decided by the management from time to time.
  2. The schedule effective at present Jan 2009:

    Classification Schedule
    Two residents in a room. Monthly charges Rs.5000/- per person. Deposit Rs.25,000/-
  3. A resident has to deposit in advance , promptly and regularly his/her monthly contribution before the 5th of every month.
12 If the resident misbehaves with the manager and/or any member of the management or house keeping or canteen or security staff or any person on the premises and/or his/her behavior, activities are prejudicial to the interest of the Anand Vruddhashram, the said resident shall be given a notice of 24 hours of termination or cancellation of his/her right to be the resident of the Anand Vruddhashram.
13 The resident shall abide by all rules and regulations in force from time to time frame by the management. if the resident commits breach of any of the said rules, the said resident shall be asked to leave the ashram, along with all his belongings and resident shall remove himself forthwith. In default the management shall have the rights to through out the resident, if necessary by use of force.
14 The resident have any complaints or suggestions he/she shall lodge or refer the same to the “in-charge of Anand Vrudhashram and shall not enter into any verbal or physical fight and also litigation or dispute with any person, Co-inmates,Employers or any member of the management staff”.
15 Electricity, water charges or municipal taxes are not payable by inmate. The telephone facility provided is to be used with due care and dis-creation. The telephone charges will be paid per call by inmate as decided by the management.
16 Visitors will be permitted during specified timing 9:00am – 12:00pm and 3:00pm – 7:00pm. The prescribed details has to be noted in the record maintained for the visitors. They will not be allowed to stay in Anand Vruddhashram. In Exceptional circumstances, prior written permission has to be obtained from the authorities. Visitors are required to sit in the hall or lobby so as not to disturb other inmate in the room.
17 The management has right to change, alter, modify, omit, and amend the above rules and regulations without any prior notice and the same shall be binding on all the residents and relatives.